12-Bottle Wine Box For Shipping & Plane Transport - INSERT REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR WINE CHECK LUGGAGE


  • Are you looking to safely ship or check your wine bottles onto a plane? The Perbacco high-density polystyrene box protects against major impacts and is crush resistant, keeping your bottles safe. It also protects against extreme temperature and maintains steady pressure levels protecting your bottles’ precious content. The Perbacco 12-bottles wine box is made out of high-density EPS material and does not need to be used with an outer cardboard box. Just place your bottles inside, close the lid and seal the box with tape. The shipper is designed to fit one four standard wine or sparkling bottles (from Bordeaux style to fat Champagne).

  • Includes:

    One polystyrene insert for 12 standard (750ml) wine bottles

    Outer dimensions: 38cm H x 47cm L x 38cm W (15in H x 18.5in L x 14in W) 


    Bottles up to 10.4cm/ 4.1 in diameter (from standard Bordeaux-type to fat Champagne) 

    Bottles up to 34cm / 13.4 in height

    Other Info:

    Weighs 0.6kg / 0.9 lbs empty

    100% recyclable, and made from Expanded polystyrene (EPS), which uses little energy to manufacture and creates little pollution.

    Made in Italy