What We’ll be Drinking in 2015

With the new year comes an array of inevitable resolutions for how we’re all going to change our lives for the better. Most of them last not much longer than the bottle of Champagne popped open as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st.


Here at Lazenne we’ve decided to create more realistic resolutions for 2015, ones that we know we’ll enjoy and which will enrich our lives. And we’re not talking about stand up paddle-boarding lessons or competing in a triathlon (they were on last year’s list). Instead we’ve resolved to take a more global view to the grape and to delve into the world of lesser known wines, regions and varieties.

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Five Essential Tips for a Top Tasting Room Experience

What’s not to love about visiting vineyards on your holiday?


Let’s face it; the majority of Europe’s wine regions are located in some of the world’s most picturesque corners. Vineyards go hand in hand with great food and scenery.


All the perfect ingredients to a perfect holiday!


When it comes to sampling the local drop, don’t forget these few essential tips to make the most of your tasting room experience:


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Discovering Wine in European Cities Least Expected - the Lazenne Guide

We know that you Lazenne blog readers are a globetrotting lot, so next time you find yourself in a new European city, why not spend some time becoming acquainted with the local wine production? We’re not talking about Bordeaux or Florence or Porto, the names synonymous with wine, either. We mean the great capitals and more! If you’re prepared to dig a little you may just uncover some wonderful wine discoveries in and around cities you least expect.


Believe us; you’ll be pleased you made the effort.


Should you want to take a few bottles home in souvenir, don’t forget that we can deliver the Wine Check luggage to hotels throughout Europe. So relax and enjoy, knowing you can transport any impromptu wine purchases with safety and ease!


Here are some of our favourites:

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The Insider’s Guide to International Travel with Wine Bottles

If you are planning on traveling to the various old world wine regions, whether it's France Italy, Spain, Portugal, or others there are a few things we can predict: 

  1. You are going to love wine tasting, visiting wineries, and learning about the regional wines.
  2. You will want to bring some bottles home to enjoy later, and to share a little of your vacation experience with friends and family. 

Although it's true that you can get plenty of old world wine back home, there are just so many great small, local producers that simply do not export. We regularly get questions on whether you can bring wine on a plane and if so how to do it, so we’ve put together our tips for packing wine in your luggage:

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