Lazenne Wine Cush for 1 bottle - Set of 6pcs - Reusable Wine Bag Sleeve Triple Protection


Wine Cush by Lazenne, Helping Wine Get Their Wings

… Set of 6 Reusable Wine Protectors

There’s no way your wine is breaking or escaping on your next trip, because this wine travel bag has MORE cush for your wine’s tush! While some bags only have a single layer of bubbles, Wine Cush deploys a QUADLayer padding! And instead of a standard double lock, we use a triple “no-spills” lock. All this protection is wrapped in a solid Anti-Cut Plastic Outer. Overkill? We think not, because delicious wine must ALWAYS get home safe! 

  • Not TWO, But FOUR Layers of SMASH PROOF Protection

    Some wine bags have a single layer of bubbles in front and nothing in back Others have one layer front and back, but if that layer pops, wine is left exposed. So we use TWO layers of buoyant round bubbles on each side! It’s QUADLayer Cush and reassurance. Best for pressurized luggage holds.

    The outer layer is thick industrial plastic with Anti-Cut Tech just in case there’s something sharp in your luggage. And our sealed edges are heat-stamped plastic fused that can’t tear apart and leak like glue does!

  • TRIPLE-Sealed and Naturally LEAK PROOF

    Wine Cush has a Double Zip Seal, with deep locking grooves that won’t accidentally re-open under the pressure of the luggage hold. That’s leak proof level #1! Then fold over the bottom of the bag for leak proof level #2. Secure it with the strong Velcro closure for the maximum level of leak protection you can get. In fact, it’s the most cushioned, leakproof bag you’ve seen on your search, so you can fly happy knowing that EVEN if something unusual happens, your luggage won’t arrive dripping in Bordeaux. 


FOUR MORE Things You’ll Also Love About Wine Cush


Giftable Design

We designed Wine Cush for the fun and frivolity of imbibing too! Each bag is printed with a fun quote and arrives in a solid box, great for gifting as a set or a solo bag to each friend on a wine tour.




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Not JUST For Wine

Wine Cush is made for ALL delicious things 750 mls or smaller! Mezcal, Olive Oil, Beer, Perfume, fat Champagne bottles, or Bourbon! Wine Cush has 18.9 x 7.2 inches of space inside each bag


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Eco-Conscious, Reusable

In the interests of reduced plastic waste, and cleaning up our mess after enjoying earth’s grapey goodness, Wine Cush is fully reusable and stores flat for that next vino adventure.



Reduce, Reuse & Recycle: Where Does the Phrase Come from and What Does it  Actually Mean?



Over 1 Million Bottles!

To date, over 1 Million bottles have flown the world with Lazenne without breaking. And you can expect the same or we’ll replace your wine sleeve and any broken wine.

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